Google and its Impact on our Culture

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Class Schedule & Readings

The table below gives the topics we plan to discuss in each class and the readings associated with each topic. Each class will consist (roughly) of two presentations: one summarizing the chapter from the book, and one summarizing the external readings. The readings are intended to supplement the book, and may be technical papers or articles from popular press highlighting interesting topics. Students are not required to purchase the book. I will lend out 2 copies of the book two classes prior to presentations. Reviews will be based solely on the external readings. Readings should be completed before their associated class meeting, and reviews should be uploaded.

Please note that some readings are PDFs that can only be accessed using a campus computer. If you experience problems accessing any of the assigned papers, please let your professor know as soon as possible.

Date Topic Readings
[1] 01.05.09 Course Overview
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[2] 01.07.09 Internet and WWW Overview: What is it? How does it work? Who controls it? (Chapter 1)
[2] 01.09.09 Search Engine Basics (Chapter 2)
[2] 01.12.09 Search Before Google (Chapter 3)
[2] 01.14.09 Google's Beginnings (Chapter 4)
[2] 01.16.09 A Business Model for the Internet (Chapter 5)
[2] 01.19.09 Google 2000-2004 (Chapter 6)
[2] 01.21.09 The Search Economy (Chapter 7)
[2] 01.23.09 Privacy, Government, and Evil (Chapter 8)
[2] 01.26.09 Google Goes Public (Chapter 9)
[2] 01.28.09 Google Tomorrow (Chapter 10 and 11)